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we are all bigger than ourselves. be a part of the change.

OPEN and OPEN Foundation is entirely run by volunteers. From the Board of Directors to the event coordinators/committee and everything in between, every member of our team is a volunteer. We take pride in being an all-volunteer organization, as it allows us to put all of our resources towards our mission and goals.

However, being an all-volunteer organization also means that we rely heavily on our community for support. Without the help of our community members, we would not be able to accomplish all that we do. We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received thus far, but we still need your help to continue making a positive impact.

There are many ways that you can support our organization. If you have any spare time, consider volunteering with us. We are always in need of extra hands to help with events, fundraisers, and other initiatives. If you are unable to volunteer, consider making a donation to our organization. Every little bit helps us continue our work.

We believe that OPEN is making a positive impact on our community, and we want to continue to do so. But we cannot do it without your support. Please consider helping us in any way that you can.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to working with you to make a difference in our community.

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OPEN is dedicated to creating inclusive spaces and promoting equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. We organize various events throughout the year to raise awareness, celebrate diversity, and provide opportunities for LGBTQ+ individuals to connect with each other.

The Events Committee Volunteer will support OPEN in planning and executing monthly Mix & Mingle and Coffee & Coworking events at various locations across Dane County and online. This position is ideal for individuals who are passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, event planning, and community outreach.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the Events Committee to plan and execute events, including but not limited to: 

    • Coffee & Coworking 

    • Mix & Mingles  

    • Outreach Magic Festival [August]


  • Help secure venues and vendors, and sponsorships for events.  Fill out vendor checklist to ensure inclusive, safe spaces.

  • Assist with event logistics, such as setup, breakdown, registration, and volunteer management.

  • Promote events through social media.

  • Attend committee meetings and provide input and ideas for MM and CC events.

  • Assist with other organizational tasks, as needed.

dinner save the date  ig  2023 (2200 × 1200 px) (1050 × 262 px) (1).png


The OPEN Membership Committee will support our organization in maintaining and growing our membership base. This position is ideal for individuals who are passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, community outreach, and building relationships.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the Membership Committee to develop and implement strategies for membership recruitment and retention.

  • Conduct outreach and engagement activities to promote our organization and its services.

  • Assist with member communications, including email newsletters and social media updates.

  • Participate in committee meetings and provide input and ideas for membership growth and engagement.

  • Assist with other organizational tasks, as needed.

both committees:


  • Passionate about LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Comfortable working in a team environment and collaborating with others.

  • Flexible and adaptable to changing situations and priorities.

  • Reliable and able to commit to 2-5 hours per month.

  • Experience in membership recruitment or community outreach preferred, but not required.



  • Opportunity to make a difference in the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Gain valuable experience in membership recruitment, leadership, communications, and nonprofit management.

  • Work with a dedicated team of volunteers who share a common goal.

  • Attend LGBTQ+ events and meet like-minded individuals.

  • Expand your professional network.

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